Welcome to Clutterbusters Limited

Feeling overwhelmed by too much ‘stuff’?

Worried about becoming a hoarder?

Let Clutterbusters help you.

hoardering_issues_2 smallDecision support
Our experienced and understanding team will work with you for as little or long as it takes to ‘declutter’ you. Simply brief us on the task at hand and we’ll get started.

We help you make those difficult decisions about what to keep and what can go. Don’t worry though; we never stand and judge or ‘take over’. You will always be the one making the final call.

What happens to the things I don’t want?

Clutterbusters will help you sell, donate or discard any unwanted belongings. Working with collectors, traders and auction houses we assist you to get as much money as possible but we never take a commission. We can also arrange offsite storage, removal or donation to charities of your choice.

Our team

Team members are chosen for their discretion as well as the ability to build empathy with a wide range of clients, including clinical hoarders. They understand and respect the need for confidentiality and are all referenced and police checked.

Janice Willis, founder and owner of Clutterbusters, Elderly Assist and Moving Assist is passionate about taking away the stress of sorting out, downsizing and decluttering.


Call Janice on 0800 839 873 or 021 839 873 for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Clutterbusters Information Sheet

Click  for a printable Information Sheet in PDF format.