Welcome to Elderly Assist

  • Thinking of moving into a smaller home or retirement village?
  • Worried about having to part with lifelong possessions?
  • Feeling daunted by the amount of work involved?

We understand that moving home can be stressful – but you do not have to go it alone. At Elderly Assist we take the stress out of moving by helping you downsize, declutter, pack and relocate.

Some of the Things We Do:

  • Help you make decisions about what to keep and what to let go
  • Pack up your house and move your furniture and belongings to your new home
  • Unpack and set up your new home – we even make your bed and arrange your clothes for you!
  • Prepare your home for sale
  • Assist with the sale of furniture and belongings (no commission taken)
  • Assist with gifting to family and friends and donations to charity
  • Provide secure short or long term storage if necessary
  • Assist Lawyers, Powers of Attorney and families with estate clearing

We combine superb organisational skills with our core values of empathy, honesty and caring to help you through this time of change. We never ‘take over’; we leave clinical or medical matters to the professionals. We can organize your entire move – or just parts of it. And of course we liaise with your family where possible at all times.

Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Call 0800 839 874 or 021 839 874
for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

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About Us

Janice WillisHi, I’m Janice Willis, founder and director of Elderly Assist. I’m passionate about removing the stress and complications for the elderly as they downsize and move to a new home.

We know that scaling down and moving can be a struggle – both physically and emotionally. My team and I understand this and work alongside you to support you with those difficult decisions.

We also understand family and friends may want to help but have very little free time. Or they may not live nearby. Whatever your reasons for moving or needing assistance, we can help.

Why Choose Elderly Assist

When I set up Elderly Assist in 2012 we were the first business in NZ to offer this specialised service to the elderly. Since then we have helped hundreds of people like you move into the next phase of their retirement. We have streamlined our processes and systems but we have never lost our personal touch.

When you choose Elderly Assist you choose the company with:

  • Over four years’ experience in the business
  • Hundreds of successful moves under our belt
  • Comprehensive insurance cover for every part of the process
  • A signed agreement clearly stating our responsibilities to you
  • Mature, ethical, experienced team
  • Authenticated ratings from our many clients

Our Team

Elderly Assist Team 1_medium

We have an experienced, hand picked team working throughout the greater Auckland area. All team members undertake rigorous pre-employment checks and training and sign confidentiality agreements. And all members are respectful, compassionate and love working with the elderly.

Whilst packing up your house you will have a Team Leader and at least one other team member working with you. On moving day we will have a larger team on hand to ensure the move and unpack is quick and efficient.


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Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Call 0800 839 874 or 021 839 874
for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Download Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Preparing to Sell

How we can help prepare your house for sale:

  • Downsizing and decluttering
  • General house and garden maintenance by trained professionals
  • Interior design services to transform the look and feel, if needed
  • Assistance with the sale of surplus furniture and belongings.
  • We ensure you receive the maximum return and we do not take a commission on the sale
  • Provide secure temporary storage if needed


Packing & Moving


Once we have worked with you to prepare your house for sale, we will take care of packing and moving your remaining possessions.

We use only professional movers who we trust to take good care of your belongings. We carry full insurance in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

Estate Clearance

If your loved one is in a rest home and you need to pack up and sell the family home, we can help. We will ensure that special personal belongings are kept safe for the family and will pack and organise the rest of the home for sale.

We do not take a commission on the sale of the home’s possessions – we only charge the estate for our time.

We have a large team available at short notice to clear homes. We are also able to organise cleaning of the home and garden maintenance in preparation for sale.

We will liaise and provide reports to the Power of Attorney at every stage.

Elderly Assist currently services the greater Auckland area.


Call 0800 839 874 or 021 839 874
for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Download Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Call 0800 839 874 or 021 839 874
for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Download Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack

Elderly Assist’s Printable Service Pack


We have assisted many elderly singles and couples move into retirement villages or just move to another home.

Here are some of their comments

“Janice and her team were incredibly helpful and efficient with clearing out my late father’s house. Everything was organised and actioned promptly and with care. I have no hesitation in recommending Elderly Assist.” – Julie

“Janice’s team of mature women made my move into a retirement village a breeze. The professional way in which my delicate china ware and glasses were packed ensured that nothing was broken in transit or in unpacking. When every thing was unpacked these ladies new just where every thing should go. For an elderly male this was a real bonus. I rate Janice and her team top notch and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone downsizing and moving house. ” – Joe

“great service, reliable, experienced, helpful ,friendly. Took huge load off our shoulders. not cheap but worth the cost to give peace of mind” – Peter

“They did a great job. I couldn’t have managed without them. My parents, especially Mum, having been an organiser and “doer” all her life, did a lot of wanting to interfere, which she is physically no longer able to do. But that didn’t stop her from trying! “– Diane

“Awesome service! An emotional time clearing out mum’s life when she agreed to be a rest home – the same home which our father built 63 years ago.. I asked for assistance from Janice and her team on the Monday stating that the property needed to be clear that Wednesday midday. Short notice on our behalf – though Elderly Assist bent over backwards to help us. All was done and dusted by 2pm and some treasures found too. End result – awesome” – Faye

“Elderly Assist have just helped us move in to a Retirement Village and WOW. What fun we had. A lot of laughter with a fantastic team of the most professional people, who took out all the stress of the move for us. Being disabled we just sat back and let them do it all. I would thoroughly recommend Elderly Assist to anybody who is moving, and through the positive experience we have had I am spreading the word. Thank you Janice, and please thank all who were involved with helping us. You…” – Robin

“Elderly assist were fabulous – they were so helpful and understanding for us at this time”– Nicola

“Janice and her team are consumate professionals who ensured that Dads move was as straightforward and painless as possible, at all stages. They have thorough in their communication, and there is immense attention to detail, even to the point where they were making sure Dad had his meals properly. They are not the cheapest service, but I believe that generally you get what you pay for, and in this case you get amazing value for money. Would definitely recommend.” – David

“I was shifting from a 3 bedroom full size house with basement, in which my late wife and I had lived since 1974, to a 2 room serviced apartment at a retirement village so that I had to drastically reduce the amount of my possessions and stuff accumulated over that time.
The Assist team works efficiently in full consultation and sympathetically with the customer to sort out what has to go and in my case managed the whole process of shifting. In addition they arranged disposal of surplus items, with those of higher value going to a well-known auction firm.
Although Elderly Assist is not cheap, Janice Ellis and her cheerful, accomplished and cooperative team provided excellent service. I can honestly say that I could not have coped without them, especially since my health was not always good at the time and I had a spell in hospital.
“ – Ian

Contact Us

If you, a family member or someone you know requires assistance in organising or managing through times of change, contact Elderly Assist today for a free, no obligation initial consultation.

Phone: 0800 839 874
Mobile: 021 839 874
Email: janice@clickwork.nz

P.O. Box 82234,
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