The Clutterbusters team are the same team that work for Elderly Assist and Moving Assist. Here are some of our testimonials.

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100%”Elderly Assist carried out first stage of our decluttering, clearing out four car garage plus storeroom earlier this week. Would highly recommend them as the service provided was excellent in that communication skills and the manner in which they dealt with my husband and me (elderly couple) could not be faulted and was most appreciated. Nothing was disposed of without consultation if they considered it could be worth something. All three personnel who did the job were polite, appeared to work hard when they were here and left the area scrupulously clean. Look forward to Elderly Assist carrying out the next stage in our moving to a retirement village apartment”.

100% ”Great service & understanding of the elderly. Arranged for disposal of contents/personal effects and fully documented the process for us. Service fee was reasonable and excellent contacts for on-sale process. Fully recommend Janice & her company.”
Gavin Brant

98% ”I am the Executor for the Estate of a 97 year old woman who had no family and had lived in her Parent’s home. Piled high were ALL the belongings of both her Parents and deceased Brother, still in the 4 bedroomed house, along with all her personal belongings and possessions from a lifetime of teaching, travel momentos, Charities etc. In other words she was a Hoarder! Add to that the Garage full to overflowing from floor to ceiling!

‘Elderly Assist’ were recommended to me. I was immediately impressed with Janice’s professionalism, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm for the task ahead. As well her Business acumen and knowledge of the value of, not only the antique furniture, but all the ‘collectibles’, was obvious.

Janice had a team of 4 equally hard working, efficient and cheerful people and this HUGE task was completed within 4 days-the sight of that empty clean house was overwhelming!

All suitable goods were delivered to the Charities of our choice or sold to a local Trader. Janice inventoried the hundreds of remaining, potentially valuable, Goods and Collectibles, and Cordys of Auckland arranged a special Auction Sale. This was financially very successful for the Estate. The majority of the Collectibles would have been unwittingly tossed in the Rubbish Skip had I been doing it on my own!!

All the proceeds received from these Sales are paid into the Estate, Janice does not charge Commission.

At all times Janice was respectful, ethical, sensitive, caring and kept me informed, or asked my opinion, when required.

I, without hesitation, confidently recommend Janice and her team at Elderly Assist. Thank you all SO much!”
Jan Wilson

100%”The family can’t thank Janice and the team enough for how they handled our situation. The empathy and care shown by the whole team was amazing. Very professional at all times from the initial consultation to the final locking of the door when completed. Totally trustworthy and felt safe leaving them at the premises while running other errands. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, if you are in a situation like we were whereby the emotional toll of being around lifetime possessions and trying to figure out what to take or leave, sell or donate was too great to handle. Janice and team just took control and moved through the task at hand with such delicacy that it took a lot of stress off us. You think you can do it yourself but when faced with it, as we were, we made the right decision to use professionals such as Janice. We can’t thank them enough……yes it costs money to do this but in the end it was priceless for the ease of moving through our situation”.

100% “I cannot thank Janice and her team enough for their outstanding work. What an amazing company with incredible people! Appointed as Enduring Power of Attorney for a friend in care I was delighted that Elderly Assist were able to handle the packing and storage of valuable items and arrange the clearance of the entire house and sale of furniture and household items with a very favorable return from traders. They also did a wonderful job cleaning the house so that it could be listed for sale promptly. Janice tailors everything to suit the client and family and works with you to achieve the best outcome and result. Truly awesome! Thank you.”

98%“Superb. What an excellent choice we made to let Elderly Assist move us. They decluttered the house first, making it ready for the open homes, stored both goods we wanted to take with us and those we wanted to dispose of. Then a large team of packers arrived to pack and then later unpack. All we had to do was choose what items we needed to take and those we didn’t need. On arrival the pantry was stocked, the pots and pans put away, clothes put into drawers and hung, and beds made. Throughout all those involved were understanding, helpful, obliging, and even when we changed our mind over certain things they were cheerful, and nothing was too much trouble. If we ever move again they would have to be our choice.”

98% “Janice and her crew were faultless. For us the task of downsizing and moving our belongings into storage then a month later moving us into an apartment seemed an insurmountable task. 
They handled the whole thing with great skill. We arrived at our new address after a month away to find the apartment fully set up for us to move. Beds made, pots and pans in place, computer set up and cupboards stocked. The placed we moved to was about quarter of the size of our old house yet so cleverly did Janice and her crew manage the downsizing we immediately felt at home in our new surroundings. Needless to say we were very pleased with every aspect of Elderly Assist’s, work.”

95% “Janice and her team are the most wonderful, supportive and caring people. They assisted and helped me in packing up my home, storing all my gear and moving me into my new home. The team provided to me were professional, friendly and so very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to move. ”

100% ”I used elderly assist to clear and clean my deceased mothers house which had not been well maintained for the last few years. From the first phone call to the end result it was stress free and professional. Everything was handled with care and we were kept informed every step of the way. What would have been a lengthy job for family was accomplished in just over three days.Thank you to Ann and Carlos and the rest of the team.”

100% “Made a demanding situation more manageable. Extremely considerate and thoughtful throughout the process. Very reliable and punctual. Great team work and we felt a part of the team. Especially impressed by how well we were listened to. When a concern was expressed near the end of the move, this was dealt with promptly and professionally. Caring leadership played an important part in the standards displayed by the team. We are recommending the company highly to friends and family. Thank you…”
Sidney and Miyuki

98% “From the initial meetings with Janice and Carlos, to the two days of preliminary packing with Ann and Helen, the four days of final pack, sending loads to family and disposing of unwanted items, and the final unpack, all members of the EA team were friendly, good-humoured, well organised and very hard working. They were a pleasure to have in our home, even at such a full-on and stressful time, Despite having already done much decluttering before all this, and working alongside the team, without…”

100% “Janice’s team of Carlos, Lisa, Toni, Nigel and Karen made my move so much easier than it might have been. They took all the stress away and were extremely professional and friendly. The de-cluttering was a major exercise and they managed it extremely well. The packing, moving and unpacking were all managed in good time and I had an apartment that looked like home from the start. I can’t thank the team enough for their help and would not hesitate to use Elderly Assist again should the need…”

100% “I cannot speak highly enough of my initial contact with Janice then later, Carlos and the team of Linda, Karen & Nigel who were all thoroughly professional, kind, cheerful and thoughtful. My move could not have been achieved without them. Absolutely everything was packed with care then unpacked and positioned with all packing materials taken away. They worked extremely hard for which I will always be most grateful. Janice calling in with her cookies made the day!”

98% “Never moved before, They did everything packed and moved what I wanted, Took the rest to sell, give to charity, dump as appropriate. At new site unpacked put everything in appropriate cupboards or drawers, left some cakes had the jug ready to make a cuppa. Absolute minimum stress. I can’t praise them enough.”

100% “After 40 years in my own home contracting EA to facilitate my move was the best decision I made throughout out the whole selling and moving process. Not only did Janice and her Teams prepare my house for open days and the eventual sale by de-cluttering and storing surplus furniture and goods in their secure warehouse but they also gave me sound advice, took special care of my belongings and what’s more I felt listened to.
I can’t thank Janice and her people enough for making my move so easy…”
Chris Wargent

100% “Janice, Carlos and team have just shifted my 93yo stepdad from his Mt Eden villa, where he has lived for ever to a new retirement village. This shift would not have been possible had it not been for the professional response provided by this team. After many skip loads of accumulated (rubbish) and packaging of treasures the job was completed in a timely fashion and stepdad settled into his new home, everything setup for him and bed made, can’t rate this team more highly, thanks ”

100% “Did an excellent job and what delightful people, accurate estimates, great care packing. I can’t praise them enough.”

95% “The elderly assist crew were excellent. Not just did they work well but their attitude, politeness and friendliness made me very comfortable through the process.
I hope the team was also happy to work with me.”

83% “We have just used Elderly Assist to move my parents out of their family home of 48 years. The team were fantastic in helping Mum and Dad downsize two households (including the contents of my grandmother’s house) and worked patiently with my mother who suffers from dementia. The team made an emtionally stressful time easier for my parents.”

950% “I found this company very helpful. The staff who did the packing/unpacking were polite, trustworthy and worked diligently. They did a very good job.”
Richard G J Davis

93% “I have just moved my 90+ year old parents to a rest home. Janice and her team have been superb in terms of the extensive help they provided us. They saved me hours of work and used their knowledge to get the best value from the sale of surplus furniture and other belongings that were no longer needed. I unreservedly recommend Elderly Assist.”

100% “Janice and her team were absolutely wonderful working with us to move and store resident household items while work was conducted in their homes. Very efficient, made the whole situation simple and hassle free for all parties.”

100% “Janice and her company were absolutely awesome. It is an extremely stressful time when you are dealing with an estate, and I was quite literally spinning around not knowing where to start, and getting into quite a state! Janice took control and managed everything. It was such a relief.
Janice uses the most reputable companies, and also finds wonderful charities so nothing goes to waste.
I can’t recommend Janice and her team more highly.”

93% “As I was moving on my own I required an understanding, proficient, organised service. I got everything I needed and more. Thank you everyone.”

100% “I received efficient and friendly service and am satisfied that I was treated fairly and honestly.”

95% “We used Elderly Assist to pack up my mother’s belongings ready for her to swap house with us. They were very friendly, efficient and empathetic and made it a lot less stressful for Mum.
We were kept well informed by Janice throughout the process, so I would thoroughly recommend their service for any house move.”

90% “The Elderly Assist team were efficient, careful, friendly and skilled at packing, moving and unpacking all out possessions. We were very satisfied with their service, which included making our beds and sharing some home cooking at the end of the job. ”
Fran & Graham

100% “Janice & her team did a wonderful move for me & were very pleasant all the time it took so much stress of me & my family. I would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of service so good to have things unpacked & put away & the beds made so I could just fall into bed with no worries.

100% “What a thoroughly enjoyable experience! My 88 year old aunt was assisted into a resthome and her house of 20 years packed up, emptied and cleaned in an extremely short space of time.
I was dreading this and Janice and her team were amazing. I encourage anyone looking to utilise the services of these wonderful people.”

100% “Elderly Assist was recommended to me by our neighbour (a GP) after the sudden unexpected death of our Mum. Dad decided he couldn’t stay in the house alone and needed to move into care. Leaving a 4 bedroom house of 40+ years of memories (and plenty of “junk”) not to mention a garage of tools and an underneath of the house that had stored anything and everything for “just in case”. Janice and her team were invaluable. They knew what was valuable and what was not.”

100% “I fully recommend ‘Elderly Assist’ they were amazing. They were excellent in every area, assessing, arranging, organising, packing, sorting and clearing. They have many qualities like; honesty, integrity, kindness, consideration and are hardworking.”

100% “I used Elderly Assist to help me move house. Janice and her team were professional and efficient and lovely to work with. As a woman on my own I valued the detailed help they could provide in packing up stuff to sell through Trade Me and traders, packing possessions to go with me, taking away rubbish and cleaning the house I was leaving. Also they made a marvellous job of unpacking my stuff at my new residence and nothing was lost. I have no hesitation in recommending them to people…”

100% “I was managing the emptying and cleaning of my mother’s house remotely and it was a huge relief to find a company which could be relied on to do the work better than I could have done it myself.”

100% “Janice and her team were incredibly helpful and efficient with clearing out my late father’s house. Everything was organised and actioned promptly and with care. I have no hesitation in recommending Elderly Assist.”

100% “Janice’s team of mature women made my move into a retirement village a breeze. The professional way in which my delicate china ware and glasses were packed ensured that nothing was broken in transit or in unpacking. When every thing was unpacked these ladies new just where every thing should go. For an elderly male this was a real bonus. I rate Janice and her team top notch and have no hesitation in recomending them to anyone downsizing and moving house.”

100% “great service, reliable, experienced, helpful ,friendly. Took huge load off our shoulders. not cheap but worth the cost to give peace of mind”

93% “They did a great job. I couldn’t have managed without them. My parents, especially Mum, having been an organiser and “doer” all her life, did a lot of wanting to interfere, which she is physically no longer able to do. But that didn’t stop her from trying! “

100% “Awesome service! An emotional time clearing out mum’s life when she agreed to be a rest home – the same home which our father built 63 years ago.. I asked for assistance from Janice and her team on the Monday stating that the property needed to be clear that Wednesday midday. Short notice on our behalf – though Elderly Assist bent over backwards to help us. All was done and dusted by 2pm and some treasures found too. End result – awesome”

100% “Elderly Assist have just helped us move in to a Retirement Village and WOW. What fun we had. A lot of laughter with a fantastic team of the most professional people, who took out all the stress of the move for us. Being disabled we just sat back and let them do it all. I would thoroughly recommend Elderly Assist to anybody who is moving, and through the positive experience we have had I am spreading the word.
Thank you Janice, and please thank all who were involved with helping us.”

100% “Elderly assist were fabulous – they were so helpful and understanding for us at this time”Nicola

100% “Janice and her team are consumate professionals who ensured that Dads move was as straightforward and painless as possible, at all stages. They have thorough in their communication, and there is immense attention to detail, even to the point where they were making sure Dad had his meals properly. They are not the cheapest service, but I believe that generally you get what you pay for, and in this case you get amazing value for money. Would definitely recommend.”

90% “I was shifting from a 3 bedroom full size house with basement, in which my late wife and I had lived since 1974, to a 2 room serviced apartment at a retirement village so that I had to drastically reduce the amount of my possessions and stuff accumulated over that time. The Assist team works efficiently in full consultation and sympathetically with the customer to sort out what has to go and in my case managed the whole process of shifting. In addition they arranged disposal of surplus…”

100% “I just want to tell you how very impressed I am with your company. Stu, Linda, Sylvia and ? (I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten the other lady’s name) have been hard working, professional, friendly, patient, and so easy going to have around… even in the midst of chaos and turmoil. All the things you hope for when shifting an 89 year old man out of a house he has lived in for 50 years. A huge thank you to you and your staff, as without you I think this would NOT have been the short-term, stress…”

100% “We can’t thank Janice at Elderly Assist enough for all of her help and support throughout the past few months. During an extremely difficult time Janice’s assistance has been invaluable and we highly recommend her and Elderly Assist to anyone who would require her services at any time. Thank you very much Janice”

100% “The girls were extremely helpful. I couldn’t have managed without them. I would use them again.”
Shirlene & Frank Edkins

100% “Would recommend this business to anyone with elderly parents who are moving. They took all the stress out of a very difficult situation and did an awesome job! Cannot believe how much stuff mum and dad had accumulated over the last 20 years living in their house, it seemed a very daunting task, but within 2 days, thanks to Janice and her crew it was all done to a very high standard.
Well done Janice and Linda and everyone else who worked so hard to get the house looking amazing!”

100% “Janice and the team did a fantastic job of clearing up my fathers house and placing his goods in storage. They had a really good understanding of what was of value and what we may want to keep. It was very easy and only took only an hour or so of my time. The storage is fantastic with a full inventory of what was in each box to allow me to find things as I need. Would recommend them to anyone who needs help packing up a house and clearing an estate.”
Matthew Wales

100% “I am very happy with the service you provided and I highly recommend Elderly Assist for anyone needing assistance with moving their elderly relatives from their family homes.
Thanks Janice for all your help, you saved our family a lot of time, energy and stress and allowed me to focus on the important task of getting my Dad settled in a retirement village.
When the time came to move my Dad from his family home of 50 years, I new I would need professional assistance.”


100% “Kudos to Janice and her team of amazing workers! Recently my mother moved from her large home in Howick to the Bruce McLaren Retirement Village on Chapel Road, a huge undertaking, which required down-sizing as well as packing. Janice, Trish, Barbara, Bethany and Jessica were all so very considerate and respectful toward my 86 year old mom and I was truly impressed with their sensitivity toward her. Elderly Assist Ltd wasn’t the cheapest quote we received, but they are the best!”

100% “Empathetic, honest, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Janice and her very capable team helped me to first downsize an elderly, and very frail family friend from her serviced apartment into her new rest care facility, and then later, were of immense help again when disposing of her possessions after the family friend passed away. From the sale of possessions at Webbs and passing along other possessions to charity organisations, Janice and her team really were invaluable.”
Paul Bateman

100% “We recently used Elderly Assist when we had to clear out my parents’ house at very short notice.
Janice and her team were very obliging and Janice’s organisational skills ensured that a home was found for most unwanted items, meaning that very little was consigned to the rubbish tip. The team members that we personally dealt with (including the wonderful boys from Tiger Transport) were polite, careful of my parents’ belongings and extremely hard working.”

100% “Janice and her staff recently shifted my mother into a retirement village and were employed to assist all with aspects of the move. They helped to sort her possessions, packed her belongings, disposed of unwanted items, cleaned and even aided with the purchase of new appliances necessary for the village. They were empathetic to the needs of my mother and every consideration was shown to ensure the shift was as smooth as possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Elderly Assist. “

100% “On completion of the work I emailed Janice (unsolicited) as follows: “Your service has been absolutely superb. I (and my family) greatly appreciate the helpful and constructive way you and your daughters have handled everything. if there is ever anything I can do to help you and/or your business just let me know.” I confirm these comments and also note that Janice has kept in touch after completion of the job to ensure that any loose ends are tied up. ”

100% “Janice and her very competent team do exactly what they say they will do. Vacating our large and over-filled property was such a major undertaking that I could not have accomplished it without the help of Elderly Assist. Not only did they pack and sort, they arranged for both the sale and disposal of unwanted possessions, organised the movers and even set up our new apartment so we could move in without extra stress. I would certainly recommend them.”

Alistaire Hall, Lawyer – Letter of recommendation.


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Clutterbuster’s Printable Info Sheet

98% Rating

Clutterbuster’s Printable Info Sheet

98% Rating

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Download Clutterbuster’s Information Sheet

Clutterbuster’s Printable Info Sheet