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Is there a mess in your home you don’t know how to deal with?

Do you want to ‘declutter’ and get organised but just don’t know where – or how – to start?
You might find your hobbies or shopping have taken over or your files need ordering and systems put in place.

At Clutterbusters we know how to get you sorted. Our experienced and understanding team will come alongside you to help you make those difficult decisions about what to keep and what can go. Simply talk to us about what you would like to achieve and we’ll get started.

We work empathetically with everyone from business and tradespeople whose home office is taking over to collectors and clinical hoarders.

We offer

  • Caring, discreet, non-judgmental team. We treat all our clients with respect and compassion.
  • Help with selling, gifting and rehoming of belongings. We never take a commission on the sale of your goods.
  • Setting up of processes and systems going forward to help you stay ‘decluttered’.

Difference between clutter and hoarding?

When people have collections and clutter that can be overwhelming and it can take over a family home but often it is organised or semi-organised.
In a hoarding situation there is often real filth and rubbish involved. Hoarding symptoms often impair social, occupational, or other areas of functioning.

We have systems and processes in place to gently help our client get rid of clutter.
When we are dealing with clinical hoarders we work with family members and extended people.

We are confidential about who we work with and what we see in our clients homes, all team members has signed Confidentiality Agreements. We are not there to judge, we are there to help and come alongside.

What happens to the things I don’t want?

Clutterbusters will help you sell, donate or discard any unwanted belongings. Working with collectors, traders and auction houses we assist you to get as much money as possible but we never take a commission. We can also arrange offsite storage, removal or donation to charities of your choice.

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How it works – Janice Willis and Team from Elderly Assist

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Worried about becoming a hoarder?
Let Clutterbusters help you.

We help you make those difficult decisions about
what to keep and what can go.